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If you are looking for an expert in Springfield drug crime law, look no further than than Jones & Musgrave.

If you are caught manufacturing, possessing, selling, or abusing illegal substances, you can find yourself facing criminal charges. The punishment for each individual case will depend on the type of substance, the amount, the intent, and the applicable local and federal rules. But whether you are caught with cocaine, heroin, or an illegally obtained prescriptions, Kristin Jones and Brady Musgrave can help you.

We founded our firm with the commitment to be the standard-setter in criminal defense in our area. We won’t just work to settle your case, we’ll give you a vigorous defense that will test every aspect of the prosecution’s case against you. We will protect your rights and give you the best defense possible.

Just because you are getting a top-notch defense doesn’t mean that you have to endure bank-breaking fees. Our firm offers reasonable rates, flexible payment plans, and a free intial consultation.

For a high-quality, affordable attorney specializing in Springfield drug crime law, call Jones & Musgrave today. Let us fight for you.